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To be the governments’ partner in promoting ICT policies, programs and projects contributing to the Philippines inclusive development.


Government ICT Partners for ICT Development

PAGE will support the following government plans/laws:

1.      Philippine Development Plan 2017-2022/ NEDA Ambisyon 2040

2.      CyberCrime Prevention Act/Plan

3.      National Broadband Plan

4.      ASEAN ICT Masterplan

6.      Republic Act 9292 “ Electronics Engineering Act of 2004

7.      Free Public Wifi Act of 2017

8.      DICT Law


PAGE Goals / Objectives for 2013-2016

1.      Full implementation of RA 9292 “ Electronics Engineering Act of 2004”

2.      Implementation of the New Electronics Code (2016)

3.      Development and Implementation of skill enhancement programs for government PECE, ECE, ECT

4.      Cooperate with ICTO-DOST, NEDA in the development and implementation of a three    (3) year Government Information System Strategic Plan through the Medium Term Information and Communication Technology Harmonization Initiative (MITHI)

4.      Assist relevant government agencies  in the formulation, development and implementation of electronics and ICT standards in the Philippines.

5.      Strengthening of PAGE as an organization ( Finance, Promotions, Marketing, etc)

The planning evolves in the concept of “ What we as PAGE  can do to contribute to the development of the country”.  Engr. Tardio stressed paradigm shift that  membership in PAGE doesn’t only meant what can PAGE do to its members.  But we as members can do  and  contribute to the realization of PAGE objectives.